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The Doorstep Loans And Lending Forum - Discussion relating to to all forms of loans and lending with topics and posts from companies, employees and customers alike, and is open to anyone with an opinion or point of view.

The forum itself evolved from what was originally the "Provident Agents Forum" and has now expanded into it's fourth reincarnation expanding into discussion on all forms of financial credit and lending, and as a result members from all corners of the credit industry are most welcome as are customers from the same. Everyone is welcome, so please join us and share your point of view and opinions by starting a topic of your own, or add your thoughts to a current thread.

We're currently adding new boards which need populating so please feel free to add your contributions to them. If you would like a specific board creating then please use the "Ask Admin" section to make your suggestions and we'll be glad to help.

Latest Forum Upgrades

Site Security

The forum is now fully compliant with the SSL format and uses the https protocol which ensures all your data is encrypted.

Fully Responsive For Mobile Devices

The forum now has two different looks but both have the same feel for PC's and mobile devices respectively. PC users benefit from a wider range of visible features, where as mobile users use a slimmed down version of the site which fits most device screens and minimises data use. Both versions are considerably faster and more responsive than the former versions of the forum.


There's a number of new features within the forum which include a new topic and post rating system,  and a prefix system which allows topic starters to add a prefix to their topic title such as "Help Needed" or "Rumour Heard" etc. Members can also search for topics that start with a particular prefix. More details can be found within topics etc.

Moving To The New Site

Current Members

Members from the previous forum at providentagents.com should find the transition to the new forum seamless as all your login details, profile, topics and posts have been taken over. If you do experience any problems then please contact admin via the "Ask Admin" section on forum boards.

Your Suggestions Are Welcome

Members are most welcome to make any suggestions regarding ideas for features on the new forum. The forum is currently in a transitional stage so if you feel you may have a good idea to enhance its features then please let us know.

Getting Us Out There !!

As the forum has changed its URL (it's actual address), then we have to once again build up our search engine ranking which does take time, so in the meantime please feel free to link back to the site on various social media etc.

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